Finding Your Focus

Something Worth Thinking About

When you can simply and clearly define your difference, you can empower your organization to deliver that difference and you can condition your customers to prefer that difference. It’s more than just making them think, it’s giving them something worth thinking about. Discover how. -more-

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My Brand Process Works On Any Scale

Adjusting the tools and techniques to fit the job

Lasting brands don't just appear overnight. They're built. Day by day. Person by person. Experience after experience. From introduction to maturity, their expression has to be clear, focused and consistent.

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That means, whether you're developing a single communications tool or an entire marketing program, you have to keep reinforcing your core brand message every step of the way.

If not, you're mixing your messages and wasting hard-earned awareness, attention and credibility, not to mention money. Competing against your rivals as well as yourself and generating more confusion than clarity in the process.

That's why I employ a disciplined creative methodology called "Defining Your Difference" on every assignment I complete.

This scalable, three-step approach enables me to create positive solutions. Forcing me to consider the issues, audiences and influences that affect what I say. Focusing my message content, presentation and delivery to do the most good. Motivating action. Promoting change. Making a difference.

Defining Your Difference involves:

Step 1. Discovery

Making a positive change in any part of your business starts with understanding your present situation as well as the issues that affect everyone involved. Discovery asks the who, how and why questions to identify audiences, challenges, motivations and opportunities. See how each level of discovery promotes a systematic consideration and consensus on key marketing insights.

Step 2. Strategy

Effective brand communications requires the careful coordination of what you say and how it's expressed. Strategic thinking is the process of developing just such a plan systematically, tactically and creatively. Learn how the scope of the difference to be made affects the level of strategic thinking to be employed.

Step 3. Application

Ultimately, your brand is nothing more than a theory until it's applied. Application is turning strategy into words and images, actions and attitudes, events and environments. Explore how Cornerstone can help you bring life to your brand's promise by making every level of application a more effective communication of your unique value.