Finding Your Focus

Something Worth Thinking About

When you can simply and clearly define your difference, you can empower your organization to deliver that difference and you can condition your customers to prefer that difference. It’s more than just making them think, it’s giving them something worth thinking about. Discover how. -more-

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Step 3: Application

Taking action to generate results

Bringing your brand to life in the daily attitudes, actions, events and interactions between your organization and your audience is where a brand's real power to make a difference is demonstrated.

Brand Application

If what you do matches what you say and what you say has value to your audience, credibility, trust and commitment are typically the result.

Application is about producing and using the components of your brand communications system necessary to support all your strategic and tactical activities.

Not just traditional communications tools either. Besides ads, brochures, social media and websites, your brand is expressed in the warmth of your customer contact process. In easy access to and the consistent reliability of technical information resources. In personal engagement, prompt responses, clean uniforms, positive attitudes and usable technology.

I can help you execute brand application on multiple levels:

Brand Project

Level 1 is designed to achieve a limited objective employing a selective set of communication tools to reach a narrowly focused target audience during a specifically defined period of time. This could include a series of mailings leading up to an annual industry event, the trial solicitation of a new audience, a social media launch promotion or many other short-term opportunities.

Brand Campaign

Level 2 is structured to make a greater difference toward the achievement of one or more business objectives. This level of application involves a well-coordinated program of multiple communications mechanisms to enhance the credibility, usage and influence of a brand across several audiences in various locations for longer periods of time. This might include the successful launch of a new product line, the reversal of a negative marketplace perception, the creation of a channel training/incentive program or the development of a more efficient product selection and specification system.

Brand Integration

Sustainable, positive audience influence is the ultimate purpose of level 3. This includes the ongoing distribution of traditional brand messaging as well as the clear internal communication of corporate culture and values, the step-by-step engineering of the contact and sales process and the daily demonstration of consistent brand behavior through employee appearance, service attitude and performance delivery.

Application has the potential to turn every internal or external interaction into an opportunity to enrich your audience's brand engagement and perceived value through each available form of verbal, visual and experiential communication.