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Available Services

Assistance with a single project or an entire campaign

Because successful brand development requires a consistent customer experience across multiple personal, product and communication touchpoints, it should be driven intentionally instead of impulsively.

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Specifically related to marketing communications, this involves coordinating the key objectives, audiences and messages of all the tools in your prospect solicitation and conversion arsenal. And that means planning, whether it’s on the scale of a single marketing tool or your entire brand communications program.

Planning and Strategy

The services I offer in this category include:

  • Facilitated brand difference discovery sessions
  • Written brand character explanation and usage documents
  • Positioning phrase and slogan creation
  • Communication tools, strategy and structure planning
  • Creation, production and distribution budget preparation
  • Input, feedback and approval coordination

Once planned, the necessary messaging components and their contents must be developed and produced so that they generate a consistent brand presentation deployed when and where each element is needed.

Creative and Production

The services I offer in this category include:

  • Creative concepts, main headings and content descriptions
  • Visual design and layout for both physical and digital communications
  • Information gathering, copywriting and editing
  • Illustration and image retouching
  • Artist, talent and supplier/producer supervision
  • Production of final reproduction and/or distribution files

Ultimately, brand communications have to reach your intended audience to be effective, whether they’re downloaded by the audience themselves, hand delivered by your sales personnel, distributed by some form of paid media or passed along with an implied endorsement through one or more social networks.

In a few short years, message distribution options have multiplied exponentially and what was once the sole domain of the advertising agency media department is now a joint effort between clients, their content creators and a collection of distribution and response facilitation partners.

Deployment and Monitoring

The services I offer in this category include:

  • Traditional media research, planning, buying and monitoring
  • Targeted publicity pitches and follow-up
  • Alternative media input and distribution partner coordination
  • Response tracking assistance and analysis
  • Lead management and development program participation

As you can tell from the portfolio section of this website, this description of services is just the beginning. If you have a marketing communications need and don’t see it listed here, contact me and together we can find a way to address it.