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What's My Skillset?

Highly productive natural and developed abilities

The skills of a design, marketing and content-development professional are often described in terms of the types of tasks they perform, the technology tools they employ or the organizational role they occupy. But that’s just the beginning.

Consistent Brand Focus

I have natural abilities to think creatively, design visually and write persuasively. Plus, I’ve learned to use a wide range of planning and production systems and software. And I’ve worked both as a team member and manager.

My greatest skills however, combine natural and acquired capabilities with proven and practiced application – to do REAL work for REAL clients and REAL audiences. These developed abilities are the difference between knowing how to accomplish one or more actions in a process and understanding the reason the process exists, what makes it work well and how to be a more effective participant.

My experience equips me to...

Clearly Define Issues, Opportunities and Benefits

I have the ability to gather input and distill it into simple, clear statements describing the market challenges, brand advantages and potential improvements you want to communicate to your audience. This facilitates upfront agreement regarding project objectives, provides content direction for creative development and establishes the criteria to measure proposed ideas and results.

Build a Strong, Convincing Message

More than just settling for clever headlines and pretty pictures, I know how to establish audience interest, create expectation, build credibility and deliver a personal call to action. My approach is to utilize a carefully crafted promise of value, a well-sequenced presentation of information, the rational application of supporting facts and a positive emotional appeal to better results.

Create Powerful Visual Presentations

From a simple type treatment to a multi-layered image, text and graphics composition, my main focus is creating presentations that increase the impact and understanding of your key brand message instead of competing with it. I’ve learned to skillfully employ content and design to direct an audience’s attention, tell a powerful visual story, dramatically emphasize a key point, improve the comprehension of details and favorably influence your audience’s perception of value.

Maintain Brand Message Focus

With the continuing exponential explosion of communication channels, my commitment to brand message consistency is more important than ever. I have the discipline and experience to creatively adjust the way your unique brand difference is expressed in each form of delivery to leverage that mechanism’s strengths while still maintaining the continuity required to prevent brand confusion and avoid wasting your hard-earned communications investment.

Coordinate People, Progress and Programs Successfully

I have extensive, real-world experience working with client teams, specialized creative and production resources and media channels to develop, coordinate, produce and deploy a wide range of projects and programs. My abilities to effectively listen, communicate and consistently perform both support and leadership responsibilities have helped me maintain trusted client and supplier relationships spanning decades and allowed me quickly initiate projects, secure approvals, function with reduced supervision and deliver at a high level of competence.

Integrate New Solutions Systematically

I’ve helped several key clients successfully incorporate new technology components into their existing audience engagement strategies. This involved researching potential alternatives, recommending compatible options and carefully planning the messaging developed for those new solutions to match other existing communications program elements. The result is a complete system to efficiently and effectively target, qualify, nurture and convert leads to customers while maintaining your brand message as the hero and technology as a tool.

You’ve devoted a great deal of time, money and energy into creating the product and/or company whose brand you now want to elevate to the next level. Choose a brand development partner with the same proven experience and expertise to not only communicate your unique brand difference, but to help you turn it into a difference maker that drives increased audience interest and influence.

Choose me, J. Spell, and my company, Cornerstone Brand Communications. Contact me today.