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What Really Sets Your Brand Apart?

Despite promoting many a proud collection of capabilities and achievements, the distinctions between competitors in most industries is still extremely narrow. That’s why I suggest a different approach. Discover what I mean. -more-

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Cornerstone Articles

Ideas to make your brand and communications stronger

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The articles listed on this page are the result of many years of experience developing marketing communications for a variety of business and industrial clients.

As with any career, some of what I've learned has come from failures and other lessons from success.

The subjects represented here cover key definitions, concepts and practical suggestions to make your brand building efforts more effective while also identifying common errors and mistakes to avoid.

Additional content will be added as time and inspiration allows. I hope you find something you can use today.

Brand development

What is a Brand?

To some a brand is a product, a product's name or its logo. And while a brand does include all of these elements, it actually makes a much bigger difference than that.

10 Business Benefits of Building Stronger Brand Value

There are many benefits that make brand development a difference maker for your business. This article covers ten of those benefits.

10 Communications Mistakes that Camouflage Brand Value

Article describing 10 ways businesses unknowingly hide themselves from customers through a confusing and inconsistent presentation of their brand.

Three Levels of Brand Development

A brand takes time to develop. So does the meaning and value a brand contributes. This article explores three easily recognizable levels of brand development within an organization and the effects a brand can produce.

Why Brand Development Shouldn't Be Left to Chance

Article describing 4 marketplace factors working against your positive brand distinction and how to overcome those challenges.

Brand communications

The Power of a Positive Picture

Explore 3 reasons a powerful visual can improve the communication of your brand message.

The Importance of Highlighting a Problem

3 reasons creating strong imagery that helps your audience more clearly recognize their need can increase the effectiveness of your brand communications.

Three Objectives of Your Lead Follow-Up Program

Article describing 3 important objectives of an effective lead follow-up program.

Setting a Realistic Brand Development Budget

Discover 3 key principles to consider when trying to establish a credible brand communications budget.

Tools and techniques

PDF: Brand Brief Explanation / Demonstration

A helpful tool I use to plan communications content so the right message is delivered and creativity is focused to maximize its impact and memorability.

PDF: Brand Evaluation Survey Form

Use this simple tool to help you evaluate how you are supporting your brand and recognize areas where you need to adjust your competitive energies.