Finding Your Focus

What Really Sets Your Brand Apart?

Despite promoting many a proud collection of capabilities and achievements, the distinctions between competitors in most industries is still extremely narrow. That’s why I suggest a different approach. Discover what I mean. -more-

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The Importance Of Highlighting A Problem

Helping prospects picture their need more clearly

Before you can make a sale, your prospects have to recognize a need they want to solve. And the greater their sense of need, the higher their resolve to obtain relief. That means that the more clearly you help them identify the problem, the better your chances of motivating the response you desire.

The Value of a Negative Image

This represents both a challenge and an opportunity for your marketing communications. Why? Because it requires a balance of urgency and tact to address negative issues that often aren't top audience priorities but, if resolved, can provide significant benefits. So how do you do it?

You have to help your audience see what they've been overlooking.

For example, if you wanted to introduce a new exterior sheathing product offering improved noise absorbing properties, you could try to illustrate the concept of "quiet", you could feature comparative sound reduction values or you could help your audience visualize the disturbing noises they experience every day but subconsciously disregard.

Chances are, once you've created a clearer picture of those bothersome noises for them to consider, the interruption they cause will become a lot harder to forget. And your solution for eliminating them a lot easier to accept. Why? Here are three reasons:

Reason 1: it Demands Attention

Pain is hard to ignore, so if your marketing communications raise awareness of a discomfort prospects have overlooked, it forces them to reconsider the issues vying for their attention, potentially moving that irritation and your solution to a higher level of urgency.

Reason 2: it Stirs the Emotions

Facts may be the basis of a rational case for change, but emotions are the real power to initiate action. Convince someone that the problem you've identified is robbing them of some desirable benefit and very little will stand in their way of seeking satisfaction.

Reason 3: it Focuses the Resolve

Once a doctor diagnoses an illness, the patient can focus on taking positive action to improve their health even if the treatment itself is uncomfortable. Identifying what's wrong and how to correct it is the way to help your audience take the first step toward a better result for them and for you.

So, if you offer a solution to a challenge few customers fully recognize, the best way to close more sales might be to open more eyes to the problem you can help them resolve.

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