Finding Your Focus

What Really Sets Your Brand Apart?

Despite promoting many a proud collection of capabilities and achievements, the distinctions between competitors in most industries is still extremely narrow. That’s why I suggest a different approach. Discover what I mean. -more-

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The Power Of A Positive Picture

Help prospects visualize satisfaction

Before you can deliver a memorable message that establishes your brand's competitive difference or motivates your audience to a new and different behavior, you have to get their attention. Otherwise, you're just talking to yourself.

Power of a Positive Image

That means your first communication objective is to catch your audience's eye and engage their imagination.

One of the techniques you can use to do that is to help your audience picture the benefit your brand provides. More than just showing what the product or service does, give them a sense of how satisfying an experience with it could be.

For example, if you wanted to promote a line of products specifically designed for use in salon pedicures, you could show a picture of an actual pedicure. Or you could represent the event with an image designed to emphasize the feelings of relief, comfort and personal relaxation the treatment and the products provide.

Which image do you think would generate more attention and more interest?

Helping your customers picture the enjoyment your brand delivers works well for three reasons:

Reason 1: It's Positive

Rather than showing a problem to be solved or a danger to be avoided, it simply presents a desirable result in an appealing way. In an often-negative world, that's a bonus all by itself.

lReason 2: It's Persuasive

Like the saying "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar", a pleasing outcome is so desirable that people will often do without what they "need" to get what they "want".

Reason 3: It's to the Point

Simple and clear, instead of trying to figure out how to understand your message, your audience can focus on how to obtain your product.

So, if your band promise lends itself to dramatic visualization, helping your audience picture the benefits they could enjoy is a very good way to get their attention, and ultimately their purchase commitment.

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