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Dermatology Associates - Skin Care Clinic

New patient literature package

Dermatology Associates Literature System


Dermatology Associates of Tyler is a nationally recognized medical clinic copied by other practices. But they wanted to make a difference in conveying that professionalism to patients as well. To reflect their passion. To highlight their doctors. They wanted structure.


After experiencing rapid growth from a single doctor practice to a large clinic with multiple providers and locations as well as medical, surgical and pathology services in-house, Dermatology Associates had outgrown their previous practice literature. They wanted to develop a new communications system to describe their services, skills and philosophy.


Beginning with their existing logo and positioning line "Advanced skin care for life," Cornerstone Brand Communications brought new added meaning and value to the clinic's brand expression by emphasizing their patients as the focus of the practice. A visual brand identity was developed that prominently featured faces representing a wide range of patients, and the written brand message connected the clinic's many services to improving the life and lifestyle of each individual they treated.

The program created separate messaging tools to introduce Dermatology Associates' medical and aesthetic treatment specializations and included a third component to highlight their patient-centered approach. Combining a mailing envelope, pocket folder, website template and biographical physician summaries, this structured solution is making a difference every day in the way they present their expertise to new patients as well as referring doctors.


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