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Temple-Inland - GreenGlass Gypsum Products

Architect database development and information fulfillment

GreenGlass Contact Database Development


Temple-Inland introduced a new family of fiberglass-faced gypsum products, named GreenGlass, primarily for use in commercial construction. They wanted to reach architects. To make a difference in brand preference. To initiate and maintain a dialogue. They wanted structure.


Challenging a well-known competitor with a 20-year head start, the GreenGlass team needed to build awareness, credibility and value with a minimum of manpower. But GreenGlass had a key advantage - a high recycled content. If they could identify architects interested in this feature, provide informative specifying tools to those who responded and create a mechanism to keep them engaged, they could be successful.


Step one was to develop the core GreenGlass brand statement and visualization of its environmental benefit. Cornerstone Brand Communications did that using the phrase "Tough as expected. Green as it gets." and illustrated the idea with product application imagery filled with an abundance of vegetation. This brand identity was then applied to all outfacing communications including print and online advertising, a custom microsite, trade show displays, literature, sample packaging and an architect resource binder.

Step two was to create a database to capture basic inquiry information and permission for ongoing contact. Resource binders were mailed from this database, incentives were introduced to gather additional data and follow-up communications were sent to maintain and build interest. Hot prospects were forwarded to architect specialists who made direct calls and closed the loop. One of the most requested products of the year in several publications, this structured solution made a difference in immediate brand awareness and even helped force competitive product adjustments.


Other Campaign Elements:

Sales Literature, Trade Ads, Custom E-mail Blasts, Web Content, Direct Mail, E-Newsletter Ads, Sample Labeling, Technical Documents