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Sadler's Smokehose - TenderSplit BBQ Brisket

Brand positioning and sales materials for new packaging

Sadler's Brisket Sales Brochure


Sadler's barbeque brisket is defined by its slow-smoked flavor. But today's grocers demand fast and easy entrees. So Sadler's needed to make a difference with their new preparation process without suffering a loss in their traditional brand value. They needed insight.


Realizing the growing trend toward simpler meals, Sadler's first step was to reduce their full-brisket flagship product to a half-size portion. Then with the adoption of a new vacuum-sealed microwaveable serving system, they created two smaller portions for families and individuals. The final step was to translate their marketing perceptions into marketing communications to attract and persuade two key audiences.


Cornerstone Brand Communications began by helping Sadler's develop a compelling brand strategy that combined the value of their long history with a strong, benefit-driven message for today. Verbalized in the positioning phrase, "Pit-smoked for generations, table ready in minutes", packaging graphics, a sales brochure and trade show display were designed to communicate the Sadler's story of Texas culture, heritage and flavor to consumers as well as grocery buyers.

Using warm rich colors, beautifully lit photography and engagingly expressive copy, each communication tool was created to deliver a customized message of company, brand and benefit to a specific audience in a specific environment. The result was a strong, consistent sales presentation that attracted attention, engaged its audience and made a difference in motivating a positive response.


Other Campaign Elements:

Trade Show Exhibit, Sales Kit Pocket Folder And Product Packaging