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Temple-Inland - QuietBrace Sheathing

Brand promise visualization and introductory communications

QuietBrace Repositioning Campaign


Temple-Inland wanted to re-brand a key product suffering from negative association. They wanted to make a bigger difference between their premium fiberboard sheathing and lesser look-alike panels. They wanted to communicate an advantage. They needed creativity.


After research confirmed builders confused Temple-Inland's structural grade FiberBrace with other low-strength fiberboard products, a decision was made to change its name and physical appearance. Reintroduced as QuietBrace to feature a strong end-user benefit and bold green face imprint, the product was now free to compete more favorably in the marketplace.


Starting with new on-product graphics that billboarded the QuietBrace name, Cornerstone Brand Communications launched a broad campaign to create value for this new brand. QuietBrace was positioned as the sound-deadening structural sheathing that "puts strength into noise control" and a powerful main visual was developed to immediately identify the need the product promised to satisfy. Used extensively on all early communications, this image depicts a home surrounded by commonly recognizable sources of noise every buyer wants to eliminate.

Then backed by a combination of technical bulletins, code and environmental compliance documentation, installation instructions and builder testimonials, a case was built for QuietBrace's ability to meet the need reliably and believably. Now, instead of competing from a negative, low-value position, QuietBrace has a different, positive identity associated with a desirable end-user benefit.


Other Campaign Elements:

Sales Literature, Trade Ads, Builder Testimonial Piece, Web Content, Direct Mail, E-Newsletter Ads, Sample Labeling, Technical Documents