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GreenGlass Brand Introductory Campaign

An integrated demonstration of brand message communications

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Read about the introductory campaign for GreenGlass brand gypsum board products.

Published as a single pdf file or available as separate, single-subject summaries, this presentation documents how Cornerstone helped develop a new brand for GreenGlass Fiberglass-Faced Gypsum Board products in a mature market dominated by a long-entrenched competitor.

Illustrating a high level of creativity, technical understanding and artistic skill, this campaign included a broad range of well-integrated executions.

The point is, whether the difference you want to make for your business involves building your brand with the traditional set of communications tools or requires the application of more user-interactive solutions, I can help.

Take a look at these examples and contact me when you're ready to make a stronger difference with your own brand.

GreenGlass Campaign Brochure

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