Finding Your Focus

What Really Sets Your Brand Apart?

Despite promoting many a proud collection of capabilities and achievements, the distinctions between competitors in most industries is still extremely narrow. That’s why I suggest a different approach. Discover what I mean. -more-

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Who Am I?

A little background about my company and myself

Cornerstone Brand Communications is a strategic planning, copywriting and creative services consultancy focused on maximizing the competitive influence of business and industrial brands.

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My name is J. Spell and I have been the owner of Cornerstone since it began in 2004. Including previous positions, I have 30 years of experience developing marketing communications for a wide range of organizations as a creative professional in both art studios and advertising agencies.

Cornerstone is an extension of my belief that as communication channels and customer loyalty levels continue to fragment and competitive challenges increase, establishing a clear, powerful brand message is the only marketing foundation strong enough to support an organization's long-term success.

That's why I emphasize brand messaging in every Cornerstone assignment:

  • competitive distinction discovery and visual identity design
  • single component sales or technical communications production
  • integrated promotional program development and deployment

Cornerstone Brand Communications is a resource available to both business customers as well as advertising firms. Depending on the requirements of your project, I can provide services as an individual consultant or assemble a team of skilled professionals to meet your objectives. With marketing or media firms, I can also work as added conceptual or production input for your own creative personnel.

Operated until mid 2011 as a full-service advertising agency, Cornerstone Brand Communications is now a smaller, more focused creative shop with an extensive resumé of building business and industrial brands.

If you are or have a client in need of business communications that are sound rationally and technically and engaging personally and creatively, contact me today.